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Von der Idee zum Prototypen in nur 48 Stunden.


Power by Mentoring (by  Julia, Anke, Stefan, Petra, Ernst, Annette)


don't buy if you can rent your decoration (by  Gabriele, Orenishii, Clemens, Baumgaro, Vanessa)

Take N Give

Corporate platform to share / donate (small) items that you don't need anymore (by Christa, Nora, Erhard, Gerda, Stefan)

The Fade Out Cube

Get concentration, silence, reduce yourself to the essential (by Karina, Christian, Werner, Graz, EveKate, Gabriel)

Get Fair

fair trade information procure producer consument colloboration (by  Thomas, Stefan, Karin, chulieAT, Martin, Christian)

I do it my way

multi day event planner (by: Anna Nina, Gilth, Nellie, Stefan, Aigi10, Fini)

You rocked the jam!